Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Don't Turn Around

We can't turn our backs for 2 seconds or this monkey will be climbing on something, eating leftover dinner off the floor, or finding all the things she should not touch. I'm convinced it'a 3rd born thing. And then she gives us this "Who Me" smile that melts us. She's a MESS...but a lovable one for sure! (These pictures all happened within like a 5 minute span!!)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Theological questions from the mind of my little guy

Aiden is constantly thinking. His mind seems to never stop. Knowing Blake as an adult and hearing stories about him as a kid, I'm guessing Aiden gets this from his father! I can certainly shut this puppy down and not think about anything significant for a pretty long time. :) Aiden gets excited learning about God, and has SO many questions. He wears me out with his questions...and for some of them, I'll confess, I've had to go ask our resident seminary grad. My newly turned 4 year old is stumping me in the theology department!! This is not good. I'm gonna get off the blog now and go read my bible!! :) It's a cool thought that God is using my preschooler to sharpen me. I love it!

Here are just a few of the questions that plague my little guy:

*Why can't we see God?

*Does God have hands?

*Is God or Jesus bigger?

*How will God help that homeless man?

*Why does God want that man to be homeless?

*Does God even love the bad guys?

*Which sin is bigger...?

*How can God be in Heaven and here in my room with me?

*Who is stronger God or Jesus?

*Does God have bones?

*Does God love us even when we sin?

*Where does God live?

*We can't hear God right?

*Is God the strongest? Even stronger then Super-Man?

*Can God count all the stars?

*Why can't you hear God?

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Cheap Date

Gracen looking at birds
Gracen screaming like a monkey, scaring kittens
Gracen looking at fish
I asked Gracen what her favorite colors were for the sake of conversation on our date. At this point in the date she knew we were getting ice cream so she said, " and cream!" So, we got pink and brown ice cream (i.e. strawberry and chocolate). Incidentally, pink and brown are Mary's favorite colors.
Kids love animals. That's why zoos exist and Shamu has a job. But the truth is going to the zoo or some other theme park can be a bit pricey. That's why, dads, when it's time to take your daughter on a date (while she's still under 13 yrs old) you need to take her to Petsmart. So, I took Gracen out on a date last night and we had a blast. Mary and I had been pumping up Petsmart to her for two days and she was absolutely stoked (do the kids still say that?). I mean, c'mon, Petsmart is a blast. We looked at lizards, we looked at birds. We watched kittens as they sat bored to death behind Plexiglas boxes and tapped on aquariums full of funky looking lizards. We watched dogs get disciplined in doggy day care and we put our hands in the open fish tanks. Actually just Gracen tried to do that, but I knew better. We watched hamsters and gerbils run in circles (that's a pet we'll never have). They call gerbils "fancy rats" and "fancy mice" now - don't ask me, but I'm sure the experts at Petsmart know what they're doing. And then after about twenty minutes of exhilarating fun we left. We were so worn out after a night at Petsmart that we went home and crashed. Not really, we actually went to go eat ice cream. But in all seriousness, dads, take your daughter out on a date.
And don't let them talk you into going to the zoo.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Our Spring Family Pics

My good friend Joanna took these of our family a few weeks ago. We needed a family picture for a slide show at church. We are getting Grier dedicated on Mother's Day...first servcie for those of ya'll who want to come out and support our family. Anyways, Joanna did a fabulous job...especially considering we have three very squirmy children.