Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Guess That Baby

I'm just curious to see who can tell my babies apart. Write in and let me know who you think is in each picture.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


They were mesmerized by the wiseman talking to them near the manger
It was a late night and Grier was DONE!
They couldn't wait to see Baby Jesus in the manger.
I know this is blurry...but I really liked this picture of them talking to the townspeople.
Gracen and Aiden had a blast petting all the animals in Bethlehem.

I know I'm totally going out of order on all these postings, but I have a lot of catching up to do. Before Christmas we went to Burnet, to see a re-creation of the city of Bethlehem. Wow, it was unbelievable! It was so realistic and surreal to be there. We went out to dinner first in Liberty was just one of those great nights, where everyone gets along...we're having fun, we're excited to see Baby Jesus. So we head to Burnet on the last night of this thing, thinking we would just whip in. Wow, were we wrong. Okay, this is literally days before I am due. We have all three kids, the stroller, and lollipops...but we still weren't prepared. We had to wait in line for almost 2 hours!!! This was apparently the place to be. Did I mention that I was days away from giving birth!? Yeah, we got some stares. I think I made people nervous thinking they might have to assist in delivering my baby. Anyways, this thing was amazing, and so worth the wait. We decided it will definitely be a tradition every year. The kids thought it was so neat, and it was a really great reminder of what we are truly celebrating. I was watching "Mary" cradle her baby in her arms in a cold, damp cave, in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by men...and at that moment I realized how blessed I was that in a few days, I was going to deliver my baby in a warm comfy room, surrounded by my loved ones. It really put things in perspective for me. I would encourage everyone to check it out next year. You will not be disappointed.

Pregnant Shots

My BFF Kendall, came and took some tummy pics of Evan right before she came. These are so special to me! I wish I had thought to do this for my other three kids, but I'm so glad I have them for Evan. I absolutely love them! Thank you Kendall!


Going through their "stockings"

Couldn't get a good picture with Grier in it. She was a little fussy.


Check out her chipmunk cheeks...stuffing candy in her mouth, when she thought we weren't looking.
Christmas was a little different this year with a brand new baby. We stayed at our house and just relaxed. It was awesome. Blake's parents came over for lunch, and mine for dinner. We spent a great day just enjoying our newly expanded family, and our many blessings!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Gracen's Christmas Dance Performance

Big Brother trying to be supportive.

Gracen looking embarrassed

Check out that tongue

She's so proud

Gracen had her Christmas performance a few days before Evan came. It was a really cute dance. Unfortunately her grandparents that came to see her, didn't get to see much of the dance. She made it through about 30 seconds and then ran off "stage" crying. It was pretty sad...but pretty hilarious too! Blake caught it all on video...this will be priceless footage some day...I'm thinking rehearsal dinner. She wasn't feeling good, and all her loved ones were staring at her...and Mommy was about to have a baby...all those things combined, she just sort of had a melt down. But she sure was cute!

Evan Lane Magee

I know this is SO late...I am learning to juggle every day tasks with our bigger family. So here it is...Our beautiful little girl made her way into the world on December 19th...just a few days before Christmas. Evan Lane Magee came bright and early at 5:41 A.M. and weighed 7lbs. 10 oz. She measured 20 1/2 inches, the same as the other three kids. I had started labor on my own and went in to the hospital for a scheduled induction. They let me progress on my own for a little while before giving me some pitocin to speed things along. I had mentioned that this pregnancy had a lot of firsts in a previous blog, and it continued in labor. For the first time ever I allowed someone else in the room besides Blake. My best friends Kendall and Jo both came and Jo was there for the WHOLE thing. I also invited my Mom to be a part of it. She was there until about 2:30 in the morning, but got pretty tired and realized that she had to be awake to take care of our 3 kids in the morning. It was a pretty smooth labor. I labored for a couple of hours without the epidural...and when I finally got it, I was so glad! When it was time, I pushed 3 times and she was out. It was a great experience...Her labor reminded me so much of Gracen' easy, peaceful, and even fun! And when she came out, she even looked like Gracen...dark hair, dark skin, almond shaped eyes...although she was more then a pound less then Gracen! Gracen was our chunker. Evan is a sweet and cuddly girl. We love her so much, and are so happy she's finally here! We are blessed!