Sunday, June 29, 2008

Our Little Diva Likes Her Bling

Grier LOVES her jewelry and her big sister's bows.

Our Little Thug

So Sweet...Grier loves to give kisses...and they are always with an open mouth!

(Notice Blake's light Sunday afternoon reading! )

As you can see Grier does not have a lot of hair. But she insists on wearing a bow lately. I guess she wants to be like big sister. I humor her, and put the bow in over and over again...b/c of course it can't really grab wisps very well. I'm sure I'll get tired of doing that at some point. But I think it's pretty cute for now. And the girl always has a necklace on...and usually a shower curtain ring for a bracelet. Grier likes her bling...

Friday, June 13, 2008

Lars and the Real Girl

So Blake and I have just finished watching this movie and I wanted to recommend it. I just picked it up on a whim because I like Ryan Gosling, and Blake and I usually enjoy quirky movies, like Juno or Best in Show. Anyways, this movie was great...completely quirky, and odd...but so heartwarming. It's clean...and has a great message about community...and loving people through difficult and messy times that come up in life. But before you get to the heartwarming part, you'll be laughing your head off! Go rent it...let me know what you think!