Monday, May 25, 2009

Meal Idea Monday

I'm gonna try something new here, and post a meal idea every Monday. I really enjoy meal planning, and cooking...and thought I would share some of our favorites on here.
Pork Chalupas
1 4lb. Pork Shoulder Roast
1 lb. dried pinto beans
3 (4oz.) cans diced green chile peppers
2 tsp. chili powder
2 tsp. ground cumin
2 tsp. salt
2 tsp. dried oregano
3 cloves chopped garlic
Place the roast inside your crock-pot. In a separate bowl, stir together the beans, 2 cans of the chile peppers, chili powder, cumin, salt, oregano, and garlic powder. Pour the whole mixture over the roast, and add enough water so that the roast is mostly covered. Cover, and cook on Low for 8-9 hours. Check after about 5 hours to make sure the beans have not absorbed all the liquid. Add more water if necessary 1 cup at a time. When the roast is fork tender, remove it from the crock-pot, and place it on a cutting board. Remove any bone and fat, and then shred with 2 forks. Return it to the crock-pot, and stir in remaining can of green chiles. Heat through, and serve with flour tortillas, or tortilla chips and your favorite toppings.
This is SO yummy, and it makes a lot!! I made this last week, and we froze enough for a couple of meals, and ate this for 3 days IN A ROW! That's how good it is. We were not tired of it at all!
I made it with a beef roast, b/c that's what was on sale. And it was delicous! We couldn't tell a big difference between the pork and the beef roast. Let me know if you try it.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Phil's Ice House

She was "selling" ice cream.
This thing spins around when you sit in it.
What a cute city boy!
Cool Slide
Ahh...their first "Amy's Ice Cream" experience...Sweet Cream.
Side View of playground
Side view of restaurant.
Ready to conquer the playground.
Ride 'em Cowboy.
Fun Retro chairs

Okay, so if you haven't been to Phil's Ice House/Amy's Ice Cream on Burnet Road, you gotta go. It is so fun! It's a really neat place that has a lot of Austin flair to it. Phil's Ice House has some fun, fair food...burgers, corn dogs, hot dogs, onion rings, Frito other words, don't go when you're'll be outta luck. But they play fabulous music...and you can sit inside or outside. There's a cool retro photo booth to document your time there. And attached to it, is Amy's Ice Cream. It's a one stop shop....and of course, the bonus feature for all of us parents, is the attached, covered playground...SCORE! We all had a blast. Grier was having a rough day, so we decided to leave her at my parents' house to take a much needed nap. Aiden and Gracen loved it, and enjoyed being together, minus their little tag-along. Check it won't be disappointed! Here's the website:

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Zoo

***Ridiculous amount of pictures

Handsome guy
A little fearful

Sliding with the Otter

Watching the Monkeys
Super Sweet Moment
The Birthday Butterfly

Notice their purses? They took them everywhere ALL day.

We went to the Cameron Park Zoo in Waco on Gracen's birthday...April 13th. Yeah, this post is SUPER late...but I took SO many pictures and couldn't figure out which ones to I posted them all. Actually, not even close. I mean, I really took a lot. This is the coolest zoo, and seriously kid friendly. Our family had a blast. I wore the baby most of the she was a trooper. The weather was perfect, and all the animals loved the attention from the kids. There's an awesome playground in the middle of the park. There's also a clear acrylic-like slide that runs right through the otter tank. So the little otter is swimming all around, as you're sliding down...very cool! There's a lot to see and do. It's pretty affordable too. I ran in to a friend of mine from Dallas! Crazy stuff...her family loves coming to the Waco zoo...and they have the Dallas Zoo, and the Forth Worth zoo close that should say something. Oh, and right now there's a really cool Texas lots of fun, native animals. I would totally recommend packing up the kids for the day and heading north to check it out.

Baby Yoga

Check out Evan's flexibility. We've never had a child so into their feet before. And apparently, they are pretty tasty.

Accident Prone

Legs full of bruises

A busted lip, and a shiner, and a healing goose egg.

Check out that massive goose egg

Grier was fighting the ice, and her goose egg got rather big.
Grier is so accident prone these days. Every time we turn around, she's falling down or bumping her head on something. Last night, she fell in the driveway...and busted her lip. Last week at Aiden's Tball game, she tripped and fell flat on her face/head, and hit a flat rock that was in the ground. And we noticed a few days ago, that the goose egg has caused a shiner in the corner of her eye...which we read could happen. I'm starting to get a tad self conscious. I'm trying to convince her that she has a VERY happy and loving home, so CPS doesn't pay me a visit. Maybe the sad picture of her crying isn't helping my case. I think I might research helmets...

Saturday, May 09, 2009

I Love My Life

I got to sleep in today, thanks to my wonderful family! When I finally decided to get out of bed, I woke to french toast, and my precious children holding signs that they made me. (We're celebrating Mother's Day today b/c Blake now works on Sundays.) I really love my life...I am blessed with an incredible husband, and 4 amazing kids. But it's seriously the hardest thing I've ever done...I get frustrated at when I finish mopping and someone spills a drink, or treks dirt in the house, or when I pick up the house, and moments later, I can't see the floor anymore. Or the fact, that I'm on an endless quest to finish the laundry...or when I've worked hard to cook something new and tasty, and my kids turn up their noses in protest, and call it yucky...I get frustrated. But at the end of the day, I wouldn't trade any of it. I love my kids...and there are other moments that make it when they need a comforting hug, or when they tell me I'm the bestest mommy in the whole world, or when I hear them praying...or when they tell me I'm a great cook...that does happen on occasion believe it or not. Or when they choose to obey, the first time, on their own, with a great attitude...ahh those are great moments.
I'm SO thankful that God has allowed me to become a mom. I have learned SO much from being a mom. I am a different person because of my children. I've become so much more aware of my sin...even more then when I got married. That was an eye opener too. God has used my kids to refine me and grow me in areas I'm weak...the many many areas. But I'll save that for another post. God has also reminded me of simple pleasures and joys. I admire the way my children look at life...full of wonder, and anticipation of something great. I'm thankful to be a part of that. Thank you Aiden, Gracen, Grier and Evan (and Blake for helping them) for making me feel special and loved. Happy Mother's Day! It's a good day!


Gracen and Grier are becoming such great playmates. I think having Aiden in school a couple days a week has been good for their relationship. They get to have totally girly days...dress-up, tea parties, playing house, playing with their ponies. It's been really fun. Grier follows Gracen around and wants to do exactly what she does, and Gracen LOVES that! And don't you know she likes bossing her little sister around, after being bossed constantly by her big brother. We rediscovered an old toy...a bus tent, and they have been imagining all kinds of games in there. I can't wait until Grier gets bigger and they can have real conversations, where she's contributing to all of their pretending. In the mean time, Gracen is getting pretty used to having a shadow that does everything she says...Hmmm.

Friday, May 08, 2009

A Cooperative Model

I'm just goofing around, trying to figure out my camera...settings, lighting etc. I asked Aiden to help me by being my "model" outside for pictures. He was so darn cooperative...and I would venture to say he even enjoyed it a little.

Sleep Adventures

Gracen fell out of her bed, and was STILL sleeping.

Asleep in her swimsuit.
When I tucked her in, I had told Gracen that we would play in the sprinkler the next day. Apparently she must have been really excited, because when we checked on the kids before we went to bed...we found her like this...anticipating the next day. Blake and I were cracking up...she is a very entertaining sleeper.

The Mission of Motherhood

A very wise woman gave this book to me when I was pregnant with Aiden. I have skimmed it many times...but decided recently to start reading it for real. It is really good. I wanted to recommend it to all the moms out there. It's been really great for helping me see the "big picture". I think it's a great read for every mom out there who has ever been worn out, frustrated, weary, overwhelmed, and lost in the details...I think that just about covers every mom at one time or another. Check it out.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Thelma and Louise

Oh they make me laugh constantly...They put these on and I couldn't help but snap a few pictures...what little divas.

Evan-4 Months

This is how she falls asleep. It's totally precious. The minute I lay Evan in her bed, she puts her thumb in her mouth, and brings her other hand to her ear. I love to watch her.

Sweet girl

She does the most interesting things with her feet. She totally experiences her little world through her feet...and it's pretty entertaining to see what she'll do next.

If I haven't said it before...(which I know I have) Evan is really the best baby anyone could ask for. Don't be alarmed when I say this, b/c it won't happen...but she makes me want to have like 6 more. She's the happiest baby, and I LOVE all her little squeals, and coos. I could listen to her ALL DAY LONG! Oh, and did I mention she has the best belly laughs too...and the most awesome part, is that she laughs really easily. So I get to hear it all day long. I took her to her 4 month check-up on Monday, and the poor baby got shots. I hate that. But she let out a 2 second whimper, and that was it! She was okay, after that! Even the nurse was surprised. She weighed in at 14lbs. and is 25" long. She's the smallest of the babies at this age. She's also rolling over now, and sleeping on her side, by her choice. We just got out the exersaucer a few days ago, and she's liking that a lot. And she still thinks her brother and sisters are the funniest people on the planet. It's great to be 4 months old.

Happy Birthday Gracen

Oh Gracen, where do I start? Well, let me start by saying how late this is...almost a month. Sorry about that. Life has been busy lately. Gracen you just turned 4, and I think I'm still in shock. It has gone by too fast. You were my first girl, and as soon as I found out, we named you on the way home from the appointment. I had been dreaming of a little girl for some time, and was so glad when you came along, even though you were a big surprise. Gracen, you are so fun. You have THE BEST imagination in our family. You come up with wild stories, and keep us entertained, and on our knees. :) Daddy and I laugh at the plots you make up on the spot. We see huge book deals for you. You also make up songs non-stop...We'll tell you to clean your room, and suddenly it's a song. You are really creative...and I can't wait to see what God does with that. You are a little on the unpredictable side, and are very passionate, feeling things deeply...we are working on making good choices, and living above our emotions right now. You excel with encouragement, and have really shown us all that you are capable of lately. You love to please Mommy and Daddy, and obey with a glad heart. You have been such a big helper since Evan came. I am so proud of the big sister you are becoming. You are so give THE BEST hugs and kisses, and love to hold people close. Gracen you have a fierce love..and anyone who receives it is blessed. You bring us so much joy and laughter, and even Aiden says that you are the funniest person he knows...Happy Birthday sweet girl!

Easter Pics

Evan-4 months
The MageeTribe
Love all their faces.
I'm so glad I caught this face. Grier-2
More Silliness

Okay, I'm WAY behind on blogging lately. It's gonna be a crazy next few days of new get ready!! We had a wonderful Easter, celebrating our Risen Lord!! It was an exciting time, because I felt like Aiden was really getting it for the first time. It's been pretty neat lately to see him getting bigger. Even though Aiden is only 13 months older then Gracen, the gap is getting bigger. I feel like he has grown in leaps and bounds in several areas lately. He's starting to read...which I can hardly believe. He's asking some pretty profound theological questions, and he's constantly asking me what he can do to help me! His maturity is really blowing us away...of course, he's still a 5 year old boy who likes to antagonize his sisters, and can't seem to walk anywhere, opting for running at full force. But none the less, I'm really looking forward to what's ahead. I'm not sure how this ended up being a post about Aiden...Happy Easter.