Saturday, July 02, 2011



Is that stacking not adorable?

Frustrated she's not getting a haircut

Haircuts for the tribe

Yeah, I realize this isn't really blog worthy. I don't know...what can I say? I'm a mom...and I thought they were cute. I LOVE getting my haircut, and I think I've passed the love down to my kids. Haircut days are exciting!

Locks of Love

That's some LONG hair!

Snip snip

Look at that excited face!

Pretty girl

Gracen has been growing her hair out for some time now. She liked that her hair was long like mommy's. However, she started talking about cutting it we talked about Locks of Love. I showed her their website, explained what it was all about, and then told her about my best friend KC's sister-in-law who has cancer and has lost her hair. She was immediately moved to cut it off and give it away. I was so proud of her! She was brave and excited to tell everyone that she was donating her hair to someone who doesn't have hair anymore. She's getting so big, and I love the more grown up conversations we're starting to have.


Reagan, Aiden, Grier, Evie, Gracen, Ava, Brooklyn, Liam

During my last 2 years of college, I had the privilege of living with 3 amazing ladies...Renee, Tiffany, and Marissa. We lived in apartment #1204...which we refer to often. It was a small 2 bedroom apartment. I roomed with Marissa, and Tiff and Ren (childhood friends) roomed together. We were all involved with Campus Crusade for Christ at Texas State...we all had break through moments in our faith, as all 4 of us began to get serious about our relationship with God while being there. We all had been raised in the church, and were church girls, but all were dealing with private sin. God really used our time with CCC, through discipleship, bible study, accountability, and evangelism to break us, and grow us. It was a pretty sweet time. So it goes without saying that God really knit our hearts together in this journey. We had so many great times together. Sure...we argued, and got frustrated with things like a dirty kitchen, or loud music, or some of us being really chipper in the morning and some of us not. But overall it was a really special 2 years.

We try to get together at least once a year to reconnect and catch up. Unfortunately Renee lives in New Mexico, so we don't get to see her as often...but the rest of us live within 3 hours of each other. So fast forward like a decade, and we have procreated with enthusiasm! As much as we have seen each other, our children have never met! So a few months back, Tiffany and Marissa came for a visit and brought their sweet children. It was so fun, and surreal to see our kids playing together. We missed Ren's 2 boys for sure though! So not pictured our Sam and Noah...and in a few short months, you can add 2 more babies to the group. Yep, we have enthusiasm.

I'm so thankful for these ladies, and the many many times God has used them in my life to humble me, teach me, and sharpen me! I love you ladies of #1204!


Making sure he's doing it right.


Ms. Jada has LOTS of dance moves for the kids.

Once a quarter our church does something called FX. It stands for something catchy like Family Experience. Our kids love it. The families basically get to worship together in the "elementary world" setting. Every week our amazing elementary ministry team, headed up by my good friend Jada, lead the kids in their own worship. They hear a bible story, work on scripture memory, and sing together. It's during 2nd hour, and my kids flip out for it. Well during FX, the parents get to see what the kids are learning and experience worship with our kiddos with their fun music. It's so great. On Sunday mornings, Jada and her team pick kids to be on stage that have shown leadership. Aiden and Gracen both get to help lead worship on stage on certain well as FX. This particular time back in January, the theme was "Endurance", so they all had to dress up in sports attire. Gracen borrowed a soccer jersey from her big bro. I love to see my kids excited about worshiping the Lord! There is nothing sweeter. I love our church, and the desire they have to walk alongside parents in this journey.