Saturday, April 10, 2010

Officially in 2010 now!!

We were headed to the car for church and I realized how adorable and color coordinated they what could I do...but whip out my camera and snap a few pictures. Gracen had slept in some braids to see if we could make some turned out pretty fun.

And now, folks...this post brings me into 2010...officially. I'm so glad to be done blogging about 2009. I mean, that was SOOO last year...

Mommy's Helpers

I love Evan in the background of this one.

The girls were helping me get little treats ready for Aiden's class at Grace Harbor. They love being in the kitchen and helping me cook, or assisting with whatever project I'm working on. I wish I was better at letting them help me cook more. I know it blesses them when they do get to help...but it's hard for me. It's hard for me to slow down enough to bring them along. I know I'm gonna look back on this time, and wish I would have included them more...but it's a process to get them all washed up, and lined up on chairs just to get started. Okay, fine...I'll work on it. Writing this is convicting my heart. Okay I said, I'll work on it...leave me alone. :) Check back to make sure I've done a better job.

Playing "Train"

I especially love the days when the kids get along beautifully. These are the days that I'm thankful for having them all so close together.

Just Because...

...she's adorable. These are a few or four months old...she has more hair now, and a mouth full of teeth...but she's still the same fun Evie.

Playing in PJs

I don't really know what they were doing...I was just entertained...

Do you see the annoyance on their faces? There MIGHT have been a few snowflakes falling and they MIGHT have been a little under dressed....oh well, live and learn...right? :)

Happy Birthday Evan

Happy 1st Birthday, my sweet Evie.

Evan is technically almost 16 months old...BUT, the girl's GOT to have a birthday post...right?! She had a very subdued birthday...and I'll admit that it almost didn't happen at all. I mean, her birthday is 6 days before Christmas. It's a tricky thing to get all the family together, knowing you've got to all round up again in a few short days...but we managed to do it...thanks to my Mom and my sweet husband's insistence that we celebrate her. It was a special time...laid back and relaxed like Evan herself. She is the most affectionate, sweetest, lovable, and fun little one year old...and she LOVES cupcakes. She was so easy to please. In fact, we only got her a little stuffed Marie from Aristocats for her birthday. I only felt mildly bad about it...but again her birthday is RIGHT before Christmas...AND she's the 4th kid. Have you seen our playroom? We seriously don't need anything else for a little ever. She loves her little kitty though...I think it all worked out okay. Happy Birthday our precious girl...we thank God for you every day.

One last Christmas Entry...

These stockings warm my heart.

Magee Mantle Memories...say that 3 times fast.

The Worst Christmas Tree Pictures...Ever.

Gracen, Aiden, Evan, and Grier --Christmas 2009

...and these were the "best". Wow, have I ever mentioned how hard it is to get pictures of 4 little ones before?? Because, it's a challenge people.

Christmas Morning

Waiting patiently to open gifts.

Loving their sleeping bags.

Checking things out.

We got them each a tent from Ikea...and this is what we walked it! They were a hit.

Dress Up

Gracen and Grier were playing in my heels...and I'm pretty sure they both walk in them better than I do.

Trimming the Tree

Investigating the tree

Topping the tree

Of course you have to wear sunglasses when you decorate the night.


Not much to write on this one...except that I'm totally horrified that I'm posting Christmas pictures in April. I just HAVE to get them up here, for "scrapbooking's" sake. We had fun...listening to our favorite Christmas worship albums...complete with hot chocolate, and a fire in the fire place...well, after we were done. The kids were really helpful, and a little more thoughtful about where to hang the ornaments then in years past.

Potty Trained

Grier potty training herself on Thanksgiving

Along with having a healthy son on Thanksgiving, Grier decided she was D-O-N-E with diapers. So she informed us she would be using the potty. We said "great" and let her lead the way. She was amazingly easy to potty train...I guess there's something to that whole big sibling thing...or maybe it was just God's grace pouring out on me. She wants to be like Gracen SO badly...most of the time that's not a good thing, but in this case, it was super duper! She had no accidents, and to this day...being April...she's had maybe 2 because she waited too long to get to the potty. She wore pull-ups for a whopping 3 weeks for bedtime, and then decided she was done with that too. I could hardly believe it. So this is something to celebrate in the Magee house...because I've only had ONE child in diapers for the last 5 months...HELLO, that is a rare occurrence around here! Can we all say a collective Hallelujah!?! Thank you Grier!

Still catching up from 2009...

Thanksgiving 2009

We had plans all lined up...We were headed out to Uncle Bill and Aunt P's house. I was assigned things to bring, the kids were excited, etc. The day or two before, Aiden started complaining about some intense pain in his arms and legs. I dismissed him at first, because to be honest...he's a bit of a hypochondriac. But eventually the pain was so bad that he was brought to tears. He had no other symptoms. So of course, we both were thinking the worst...leukemia. We made an appointment to see the doctor the next day. We prayed...I cried. I think we both had trouble sleeping, knowing that we could find out some life altering news the next day. We headed in to see our beloved Dr. Chang the next morning...and after about a 20 minute exam, he was all set to get some blood work going. He made some off hand comment about the flu, and I reminded him that Grier had the flu the week before. At that point, he was pretty convinced that's what Aiden he tested him, and lo and behold he had the FLU! How weird is that? He had no fever...and no other symptoms. But apparently you can get some pretty wicked myalgia with the flu. Blake and I both breathed a HUGE sigh of relief, and thanked God for the flu...and then proceeded to smother our son with sloppy kisses, and bear grateful to have a healthy boy. But of course, because of his "sickness", we weren't able to go the Hengst's like we had planned, because sweet little cousin Gunnar would be there, and he was only about 4 weeks old...and if anyone was around Hayley in the first few months of Gunnar's know she was a TAD crazy. I'm just giving you a hard time H...because I know you'll read this. :) You had a baby during flu/swine flu's understandable...sort of. ;) Anyhow, so that left me scrambling the day before T-Day to put something together for our intimate little Magee of 6. And as you can see in the above picture...I pulled it off rather well...if I do say so myself. It was fun...and cozy...and one that Blake and I will never forget, because we had a NEW reason to be thankful...a son with a case of the flu. Praise God.