Thursday, September 03, 2009


Here's proof that they love each other. They were watching Gracen's spring dance recital for the 100th time...and I looked over and couldn't believe they were holding hands. I snuck off to get my camera, peeked over the coffee table and caught it on camera...I now have it forever, and might just keep it handy so that I can remember there is true affection there...even if it's way down deep.

Grace Harbor

1st day of Grace Harbor

Aiden with his homeroom teacher, Mrs. Turner.

We stumbled across this program several months ago for homeschool families, and feel like we found a jewel. The name of the umbrella program is Grace Harbor. Aiden goes once a week and he attends art, p.e., music, speech, Spanish, and character building. I love that he's getting exposed to all of these different classes, and making friends. He has gone two weeks now, and his favorite class is SPEECH. I can hardly believe it. He certainly did not get that from me. I'm still haunted by my college freshman speech class, where I literally cried every time I got in front of the class. Nope...he gets that from his Daddy...who is extremely comfortable up front. And his second favorite class is art. I love that. I just knew p.e. would be his favorite class. Look at my big kindergarten boy. I couldn't be prouder if I tried.

They might just be related...

Aiden is slouching...Gracen isn't taller than Aiden. :)

There was excitement in the air on the first day of school...can you tell? The kids were unusually goofy...

First day of homeschooling

He's just a little bit excited.

My super handsome guy

Here's Aiden on his first day of home. He was so excited to start. I just had to do a first day of school photo like my Dad tortured me with EVERY year...same place...EVERY year. And now, it's my turn to do it with my kids...

Shaving Cream Fun

A little shaving cream goes a long way.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Making Baby Food

I'm not sure why I'm blogging about making baby food. But some people have asked me how I do it...and I kinda want to remember what it was like doing day when I have kids in college, and I'm way past this stage. I really enjoy making it...I feel like I'm giving my baby the best...and it saves A LOT of money. So, after I steam it, and puree it...I freeze it individually in ice cube trays and then pop the cubes out and freeze them in a big freezer ziploc all the peas together, all the sweet potatoes together, etc. I have bought jarred baby food a few times, when I'm in a pinch. I've kept the jars, and I use them to freeze individual portions for when I'm on the go. I just defrost it and throw it in the diaper works great.

The Vet

I've been trying to teach the kids how to play imaginary games...does that seem ironic? I LOVED playing school, house, library, and "Kids In Cooperated" (anybody else play that??), and anything else I could think of. Oh, my best friend Jo and I would play 20/20 when we were in like 3rd joke. One of us would be Barbara Walters, and the other one would be the mother who just gave birth to twins. Oh, I'm laughing just thinking about it. But we called her Barbara Wa-Wa. We must have heard one of our parents imitate her or something. Anyhow...the imagination is amazing. Okay, maybe my kids are too young to think of those kind of scenarios...but I'm trying to help them along. So, one morning we played "Vet". Mommy was the vet, and if you'll notice they each have an animal with them. This is them hanging out in the "waiting room", waiting to be called in by the doctor. Doesn't this look for real? It was making me laugh...I just had to snap a picture.

Who needs a pool??

Catching Rain

I think I've mentioned before that my mom is a Master Gardener. She took a class this summer on rain water harvesting, and is now licensed to do it for other people. I'm not sure what all that means, but I do know that she has been hired by several people to do it for their houses. It's pretty cool. There are huge barrels that you install at the corners of your house, and they capture the rain water that comes off your roof. I can't remember the exact equation for determining how much water you can get, but it has something to do with the square footage of your house (roof). Anyways, it's an unbelievable amount of rain...and it's free! My little suburban mom is turning into something of a hippy lately, and she's starting to rub off on me.
So of course, I'm cloth diapering...mostly because I want to be a good steward of God's resources: Earth and money. And we are recycling everything allowable...We use mostly sunlight during the day to light up our house, and I'm line drying most of our I thought...let's catch a little rain. Now, I don't have a barrel system yet...but as you can see from the picture we have gotten pretty creative with our containers. The kids love it, and I love that they are learning to be good stewards as well. As soon as the buckets get full we dump them in yellow spots on our grass, or we water the trees, or flower beds, and then we set them back out to collect more free water. And a total bonus...the kids get to play in the rain. As a side note, our lawn is one of the better looking ones on our street.

Oh, What A Father's Willing to Do for His Girls....

I know it's a really busy picture...and I tried to make it simpler by changing it to black and white...BUT I just had to get a shot of this. These girls have it pretty good! They both love to have their backs tickled. So Blake decided to tag team them, and do it at the same time. He is the sweetest ever. Have I mentioned that he gives me a 30 minute massage at least 3 times a week?! I love him! And he loves his girls...


I know this is kinda unusual...but I LOVE these beans. My friend Kendall's mom introduced us to them awhile back...and I have been hooked ever since. I feel like at this point that it's just cruel for me not to share them with you...because they are THAT good. They are dehydrated flakes, and you add water, bring to a boil, and simmer 5 minutes. That's it...seriously. I add salt, pepper, and garlic powder...and WOW...totally fab! I ALWAYS have them on hand. I try to tell everybody about them, including every checker I get at the grocery store. I seriously think I should be getting some endorsement money for this product. In fact, the last time I picked some up at HEB, the checker asked me to do an impromptu commercial right there at the cash register featuring these marvelous refried beans. I had NO trouble coming up with my little's like I'd rehearsed it in my head 100 times. Go buy a bag or 3 and let me know what you think.

Budding Artist

Gracen has recently really gotten into drawing, and coloring. She was very proud of her ladybug.

Dreaming of Better Days

I caught Grier in the baby's exersaucer the other doubt, dreaming of better days...when SHE was the baby.