Saturday, July 02, 2011


Making sure he's doing it right.


Ms. Jada has LOTS of dance moves for the kids.

Once a quarter our church does something called FX. It stands for something catchy like Family Experience. Our kids love it. The families basically get to worship together in the "elementary world" setting. Every week our amazing elementary ministry team, headed up by my good friend Jada, lead the kids in their own worship. They hear a bible story, work on scripture memory, and sing together. It's during 2nd hour, and my kids flip out for it. Well during FX, the parents get to see what the kids are learning and experience worship with our kiddos with their fun music. It's so great. On Sunday mornings, Jada and her team pick kids to be on stage that have shown leadership. Aiden and Gracen both get to help lead worship on stage on certain well as FX. This particular time back in January, the theme was "Endurance", so they all had to dress up in sports attire. Gracen borrowed a soccer jersey from her big bro. I love to see my kids excited about worshiping the Lord! There is nothing sweeter. I love our church, and the desire they have to walk alongside parents in this journey.