Friday, January 28, 2011

Family Pictures

***Lots of pictures!

My sweet friend Susan agreed to take pictures of our family for Christmas card pictures. She is so talented and was willing to give up some of her family time on a Saturday and travel out to our neck of the woods. She was great! She was patient and fun, and it helps that she knows and loves my kids. They felt comfortable with her, which was awesome. However, naps went badly that day. Grier did not take a nap at all, and Evan finally fell asleep 30 minutes before picture time. It was a rough start...not to mention this crazy windy cold front came in while we were taking pictures. Brrr! Overall the kids did great...but it was touch and go with Evan. :) Family pictures totally stress me out...which is probably why we don't have very many. These turned out great though! Thanks Susan!