Friday, January 28, 2011

Messiest Magee

Just a Saturday morning with a doughnut. What in the world?!

Let me just start out by saying that I love this little girl to pieces. She's pure sunshine...always ready to smile, laugh, and have a good time. However, she is by far the messiest, grossest baby that I have ever delivered. There is nothing lady like about this little lady. She shoves huge pieces of food in her mouth, runs her messy hands in her hair, and seems to stain clothes daily. Most of the clothes she wears have gone through AT LEAST 2 other girls, most of the time more...because of fabulous friends with "hand me downs"....BUT somehow Evan has managed to ruin clothes that others have not. I've actually had to throw things out that she has worn only a few times. I'm keeping "Shout" in business, I tell ya. She's a mess. We all tell her that daily, and she just laughs.