Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bringing in the New Year

First night in a hotel room

Sleeping crazy

We were invited to a fabulous New Year's Eve party, complete with fancy clothes and dancing. This was the 2nd year our friends have thrown this party...and it is a blast! We were all set to go, picking out our outfits, and arranging childcare...when our friends Keith and Barie invited our family to Six Flags Fiesta Texas. They had 6 free passes for our family to use. Feeling unusually spontaneous, we agreed to go, booked a hotel room, and loaded up the kids...well, minus Evan. We thought she might make the trip a little more hectic than it needed to be. :) We had so much fun. Keith and Barie have 4 children as well, and all of our kids are sweet friends. It was pretty chilly, but our kids were good sports. We kept them out until midnight, with few meltdowns. We only lost 2 kids that day....2 out of 7 isn't bad. :) They lost their youngest, and we lost our oldest....oh, the adventures we had. We brought in the new year together and after that the kids quickly sacked out. I neglected to take pictures at the park, and Barie's didn't turn out that this is what I have...a few pictures from our hotel room. This was the first time we have stayed in a hotel room with our kids. I had to get tips from Barie on sleeping arrangements. But they all did great! We're ready for our next adventure!


Barie Sue said...

We had a blast getting to ring in the new year with ya'll! Thanks for being spontaneous for us :-)