Saturday, November 27, 2010

Aiden is a new creation

Aiden's spiritual birthday

Celebrating his new birthday on our "You are special plate"...the same plate that my parents used to celebrate me and my brother's spiritual birthdays.
June 26th will forever be a day the Magee Tribe celebrates. A new Magee entered God's family on that day. Aiden trusted in Christ for the forgiveness of his sins...the most important decision he'll ever make! We are thankful for answered prayers, God's grace, and the wisdom to know that this was the real deal.
We had been talking about it with him for a LONG time...He KNEW the gospel, but we weren't convinced that he knew that he NEEDED the gospel. We also wanted him to initiate. Blake and I had been praying that God would make it very clear to us that it was authentic...real heart change, and not just head knowledge of what the Bible says. We asked the Lord to show us some specific things...and He did. God is good. Aiden was so excited...and that part was really cool! It actually happened on the last day of our big summer outreach at church. He had gone to a kids club all week...something the teenagers of our church help lead. Aiden had been asking us about becoming a Christian for awhile, and as we would talk about it with him, we realized he just wasn't ready.
The last club was on a Saturday, so Blake got to be there too. Blake and I both had jobs we were doing at the club. Blake was doing more manual labor stuff, set up, etc. and I was leading an adult bible study for any of the parents of the neighborhood kids that were coming to the outreach at the park. I saw Aiden go off with one of the teenagers, a girl who had been helping in his class the whole year. I knew what was going on and was kinda freaking out...and totally distracted. Blake and I both wanted to be there when he ultimately made the decision....but all we were able to do was be onlookers. I think God had to do it that way to move us out of the way. We had been telling Aiden "no" for quite some time. On that day, he took his faith into his own hands and told Deborah, that he needed to talk to her about asking Jesus into his heart. I saw the whole thing from a distance...and started to cry. Something in me knew that this was the real deal. He was probably 100 feet away, so of course I couldn't hear him...but I knew from his body language what was going on and I saw their celebration. I was still trying to lead this bible study...I honestly have no idea what I was saying at that point...I was in a totally different world. But I saw my first born, my 6 year old...looking so grown up and mature, going around telling everyone that he was a Christian...with such joy, and I was reminded of the joy of MY salvation. He ministered to me that excited...knowing he was a new creation, knowing that his life had been redeemed, and he wanted to tell the whole world. It's several months later now, and he continues to be a light. He wants others to know about Jesus. He has such neat conversations with friends about Jesus' sacrifice, and I'm blown away by his boldness. I thank God that He has grabbed a hold of my son's heart at an early age. I pray that Aiden continues to follow after Him. We continue to pray for his sisters. Lord help us all. :)


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